ArjGostarPooya Co. manufactures the machines used for the lines producing synthetic fibers, including:

Hoppers and siloes used for storing raw materials;-

  • Elevators, shooting machines and screws used for materials transfer;
  • Crystallizer and dryer with various capacities;
  • Wide range of extruders with a high exit flow rate, suitable for raw and recycled materials;
  • Polymer pump and different filters;
  • Different types of spinneret;
  • Quench and damper;
  • Thread eyelet unit and planetary gearboxes;
  • Crimper and tension unit;
  • Annealed rollers;
  • Stenter machine;
  • Cutting and packing wheels;

In addition, accessories such as scrap grinder machine and super mixer are manufactured in ArjGostarPooya Co.