نمایی از خط تولید در اصفهان-1

So far, ArjGostarPooya Co. has worked in the field of design, manufacturing and providing parts and industrial machines, required for producing synthetic fibers to serve the needs of broad range of companies, such as:

  • RasoolNaqsh Co. : the manufacturing, installing and running of the line which produces synthetic fibers, having the capacity of 20 tons a day. (Isfahan-Isfahan)
  • DarooAlyaf Fars Co. (Shiraz-Fars)
  • AlyafShayan Co. (Delijan-Markazi)
  • SepidAlyaf Pars Co. (Isfahan-Isfahan)
  • AlyafMoqzi Co. (Isfahan-Isfahan)
  • AlyafTerme Co. (Delijan-Markazi)
  • Alyafsyna Co. (Delijan-Markazi)
  • Aria Lif Co. (Khomein-markazi)-
  • Alyaf Mahan Co. (Delijan-Markazi)

Current Projects:

At the moment, ArjGostarPooya Co. is manufacturing and installing machines, and running polyester line, having the nominal capacity of 20 tons a day in Hamedan.