About us


ArjGostarPooya Co. works in the field of consultation, design, optimization and manufacturing industrial machines to meet the requirements of the industries, particularly for the textile industries and companies which produce synthetic fibers.

At present, ArjGostarPooya Co. with a bright 16-year experience and technical speciality of its experts and by relying on customers’ trust, is known as a famous complex among the industrial society.

Providing modern technology, manufacturing high quality products in comparison to the similar samples, fair prices, easy payment and punctual after-sale services, especially warranty services, have made this company have a leading role in the market.

Research and development unit of this company has constantly aimed to optimize existing products and provide new products through up-to-date knowledge and proficient engineers.

Production unit of ArjGostarPooya Co. has targeted at high quality products through relying on the scientific and technical speciality.

After-sale services unit of this company has brought costumers’ satisfaction through punctually providing spare parts, giving special consultation and appropriate responsibility in order to enhance the sales of ArjGostarPooya Co.

ارج گستر پویا ارج گستر پویا